We will start the hike where the track crosses the Brookton Highway. This location is about  30km from the turn-off onto the Brookton Highway in Kelmscott / Roleystone. The start point cannot be missed – it is where a powerline crossed the road.

The pick-up point is at the Mount Dale lookout carpark on Dale Road. It is easy to get to – go back down the Brookton Highway fromPerth, turn left onto Ashendon road and then right onto Dale Road. The app WAZE shows this clearly and so will other good nav apps.

The plan is as follows:
We will all meet at the scout hall at 1700 on Friday  (except for Mark and Erika who will go to the start directly) and then travel in convoy to the start (but still make sure you know here the start point  is just in case).
On Sunday we will be at the  Mount Dale lookout car park at 1200. Please be there to pick up your scout. It is a lovely area so I suggest packing a picnic lunch to add value to your trip.
This brings to my last point – we need transport. I will have a list of the scouts attending. This Wednesday we will finalise transport arrangements. A ute may be handy too. Packs are bulky so it would be useful to have extra space for packs.
Call me if unsure.
0477 767 179