Cub Scout Leadership (CSL) Course on 10-11 June 2017 - Please see the attached program.

The cost is $25.00 per cub. Please see the attached Y3 form for payment details.
The CSL Course is intended for the older cubs (at least 9.5 years old) or cubs who have at least 1 to 1.5 years of scout experience behind them.
By attending this course, the cubs will gain confidence and strengthen their own abilities and will be able to take more responsibility in the Pack. They will also earn the Cub Scout Leadership Course Badge. In order to qualify for this badge, cubs must attend the whole course which cover the following topics:
* Leadership
* Problem Solving
* Challenges
* Pack Councils
They may only attend the leadership course once in their time with the pack. They will also have chance to meet and work with cubs and leaders from Melville District, Beeliar District and Esperance Pack. We will walk to Wireless Hill Park for activities on the Saturday afternoon.
If your cub is interested, please let us know via email by 31 May 2017.
Please also fill out the attached Y3 Form (for cubs) or A5 Form (for leaders) and pay the cost.
Car pooling to/from the scout hall can be arranged if necessary.

Kind regards