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Cub Scouts have a lot of fun doing a lot of interesting things! There are games to play, codes and skills to learn, places to see and new friends to meet. Cub Scouts all help each other, and try to help other people too.

Cubs details

Ages: 8 - 11

Meet: Thursday 6:15 - 7:45

Hayley King (Akela)

Each week you'll get together with other boys and girls your age and be led into adventure! You'll wear your own Cub Scout uniform to show you're one of us. And you'll be able to collect special badges to put on your uniform to show your achievements.

Fun Out and About

Cub Scouts get to see a lot and do a lot. We spend weekends away together camping, fishing and exploring. We go to sports meetings, visit factories, go to the zoo, the museum, or emergency depots. We learn bushcraft, and we learn how to fly model aeroplanes, and lots of other activities.

Fun in a Pack

You'll find there are boys and girls in your Cub Scout Pack just like you. They all might have different interests and be good at different things, but they all want to enjoy themselves and have fun. Like you, they'll be learning new things each week and discovering how great it is to be a Cub Scout.

Fun from the Start

At your first Pack meeting you may feel a bit shy to begin with but it won't take long to get to know everyone. You'll learn the Scout Salute, the Handshake, the Motto, the Grand Howl, Pack Calls, the Cub Scout Law and the Cub Scout Promise. The leaders will help you. You'll soon be making friends with the other Cub Scouts and having a terrific time! Download the Booklet for New Cubs here.

Fun in a Six

Your Pack will be divided into 'Sixes', so named because each 'Six' will have around 6 people in it. The first badge you'll put on your uniform is the colour patch of your Six.

Fun with your Sixer

One of the boys or girls in your group will be your 'Sixer' (a bit like the Captain of your school sports team). You'll know your Sixer by the yellow 'Sixer' badge.

The Sixer often has a 'Second' as a helper (a bit like a Vice-Captain) who wears a yellow 'Second' badge. You too could eventually wear these stripes one day and become a Sixer or a Second of your Pack.

Fun earning Badges

Cub Scouts can earn achievement badges by doing things that interest them and by learning new skills like cycling, electronics, sports, cookery, boating, writing and more.

There are also special Boomerang Badges earned by doing things like tying knots, first aid, hiking in the bush and building models. There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold Boomerang Badges.

The programs in Cub Scouts provides opportunities for young people to develop and grow as individuals and as members of a team. Cub Scouts activities include:

  • Short Camping Trips

  • Sporting and other activities such as Air Activities, Water Activities etc.

  • Organising Games

  • Playing Team Games

  • Going on Outings and Nature Trails

  • Water Safety

Cub Scout Activities are planned to cover a broad range of interests and topics to trigger the imagination and curiosity, and to meet their developmental needs.

Cub Scout Promise and Law

The Cub Scout Law

Be respectful
- Be friendly and considerate
- Care for others and the environment
Do what is right
- Be trustworthy, honest and fair
- Use resources wisely
Believe in myself
- Learn from my experiences
- Face challenges with courage

The Cub Scout Promise

There are two versions of the Scout Promise. Individuals taking the Promise may choose from either of the following:

On my honour
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to my God and,
The Queen of Australia, 
To help other people, and
To live by the Cub Scout Law


On my honour,
I promise to do my best,
To be true to my spiritual beliefs,
To contribute to my community and our world,
To help other people,
And to live by the Scout Law